How long do hedgehogs live?

In this article you will know everything about the life expectancy of hedgehogs.

  1. Hedgehogs lifespan
    1. How long do hedgehogs live in the wild?
    2. How long do hedgehogs live in captivity?
  2. Factors that contribute to the life expectancy of the hedgehogs
  3. Where do hedgehogs live?
  4. What do hedgehogs eat?
  5. How much do hedgehogs measure?
  6. How much do hedgehogs weigh?
  7. Hedgehogs reproduction and life cycle
  8. Curiosities about hedgehogs
    1. Types of hedgehogs
    2. Heart rate

Hedgehogs lifespan

How long do hedgehogs live in the wild?

When they live in the wilderness, hedgehogs live between 2 and 3 years. Of course, aging is not the main reason why they die so young – they are usually killed by predators. Even though they have a specific defense system, experienced predators know how to pass this system.

How long do hedgehogs live in captivity?

Since hedgehog pets were not common in the past, there are different reports related to their life span when they are kept as pets. Experts agree that, when they are in captivity, hedgehogs can live 10 years. However, it is good to know that these cases are very rare.

The same experts say that a 5-year-old hedgehog is like a 75-year-old human. So, their ideal life span is between 5 and 7 years, but most hedgehogs live between 3 and 5 years. There is a wide range of factors that contribute to their wellbeing, health and life expectancy, and we will mention some of them in this article.

Hedgehogs are obedient and they have amusing nature which makes them perfect pets. This is the reason why so many people are getting hedgehogs as pets. Those interested in owning a hedgehog are probably wondering how long do hedgehogs live.

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Factors that contribute to the life expectancy of the hedgehogs

Nutrition can decrease of increase life expectancy of your hedgehog. They need a balanced and healthy diet to live longer. In addition, hedgehogs that don’t have a proper diet have greater chances of developing diseases which will decrease their life span.

Furthermore, exercise is another important thing that hedgehog owners should keep in mind. Out in the wilderness, hedgehogs can walk for a very long time to find food.

Spending some time playing with your hedgehog, providing relatively large cage space and installing a wheel inside the cage should be sufficient to keep your hedgehog physically active and healthy. Don’t forget that this exercise will make them happier too.

How long do hedgehogs live?

The bedding is also important because the hedgehog spends a lot of time on it. It should not contain toxins and it should not be made of a material that is prone to accumulation of dust and dirt.

Female hedgehogs can live shorter lives if they are breeding very frequently. It is natural to breed, but they shouldn’t be carrying baby hedgehogs all the time. In addition, their genetics can affect their lifespan.

If the texture and appearance of the stool are changing and if the hedgehog is grouchy and nervous all the time, this means that it experiences high levels of stress. This anxiety and stress will affect its health and reduce its life expectancy. Try to create an environment where your animal will feel happy and de-stressed.

So, hedgehogs live between 3 and 5 years, but there are things that owners can do to extend their life expectancy.

Where do hedgehogs live?

A hedgehog is a spiny mammal naturally found in Europe, Africa and Asia. It is interesting that they live in New Zealand too, but hedgehogs were introduced there.

What do hedgehogs eat?

They can eat invertebrates (worms, insects), eggs, frogs, fruit...

How much do hedgehogs measure?

Their measurements from head to foot are said to be 5 to 12 inches, while the tail is said to be 1 to 2 inches.

How much do hedgehogs weigh?

Their weight is also most interesting since they weigh 14 to 39 oz. Their size is almost or exactly relative to an actual teacup.

Hedgehogs life span
Sonic the hedgehog

Hedgehogs reproduction and life cycle

They are mostly solitary and isolated animals and thus the only couple for mating purposes. The newborn claimed to be called "hoglets" by Nat Geo, only stay with their mother for four to seven weeks. After which they depart to live a life on their own without the care of the mother.

During this time female hedgehogs must guard against males because they will sometimes feed on young hoglets. However, mothers have also been known to eat their young if the nest is disturbed. Although, sometimes others just find a new nest.

Curiosities about hedgehogs

Types of hedgehogs

Today, they are 17 different species of this cute animal. These species remained almost the same for more than 15 million years.

Heart rate

I would like to address a certain curious aspect: a hedgehog’s heart rate goes from 190 beats per minute to 20 when hibernating.

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