How long do hamsters live?

Hamsters life span

Hamsters are one of the most sought after pets all over the world. There is more than one good reason why both children and adults love hamsters – they look very cute and they don’t require much attention. On top of that, hamsters are cheap and clean too. Those looking for a way to make their children more responsible should definitely consider buying a hamster. Of course, these cute pets can make your life more beautiful even if you don’t have children.

How long do hamsters live?

How long do hamsters live?

Types of hamsters

It is good to mention that there are many different types of hamsters. However, when people are talking about hamsters they usually think about Syrian hamsters. They are by far the most common kind of hamsters kept as pets at homes. In addition, there are Chinese hamsters, Russian hamsters, Dwarf Roborovski hamsters and few other types.

Hamsters life span: Captivity vs. wilderness

Just like any other living being, hamsters have certain life span. There are many people who are wondering how long do hamsters live. As previously mentioned there are different types of hamsters and they have different life spans. Generally speaking, hamsters have an average life span of 2-3 years.

However, we should point out that this expectation is for hamsters that live in captivity. Those who are out in the wilderness can live up to five years in some cases. However, hamsters in the wilderness are exposed to more risks and many of them die young because they are constantly targeted by different predators.

Things that can have direct impact on the life span of your hamster

There are many things that can have direct impact on the life span of your hamster. For instance, their living conditions, possible injuries, lack of physical activity, emergence of diseases and illnesses and improper diet can reduce the life span. On the other hand, if you are taking proper care of your pet, it should live longer.

Many experts agree that if you provide meals packed with nutrients to your hamster and food similar to the one they usually consume when they are out in the wild, their health and ultimately their life span will be improved. Unfortunately, many people stick to processed foods and this can cause serious problems in some hamsters.

Obviously, just like all animals, hamsters can develop some illness. In cases like this, it is the best idea to talk to a veterinarian right away because hamsters don’t have strong immune system. What is good to know is that a stressful environment can increase the chances of emergence of some of these diseases. So, if the hamster lives in a quiet and peaceful environment, they should be able to avoid illnesses.

Furthermore, hamsters need more space so they can move and get involved in physical activity. Remember to include a wheel in their environment and you can also install some DIY (Do It Yourself) objects to give them motivation to workout.

Hamsters life span

So, while the average life span of hamsters is between two and three years, every pet owner should know that most of the factors that determine their life span can be controlled, so they can easily extend their lives.

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