How long do dogs live?

Dogs lifespan

Dogs are domesticated carnivorous mammals. The first record of keeping dogs as companions dates back to 12.000 BC. Today, dogs are the most popular pet found in literally every country in the world. The popularity of dogs as pets began after the Second World War when the process of suburbanization began. Another interesting fact is that about 75% of dogs in developing countries live as village, community or feral dogs.

Dogs lifespan

Dog owners consider their canine friends to be more than a pet – they are friends and family members too. There are many reasons why people keep dogs in their homes. According to many studies, these loyal pets can improve the health of their owners in different ways. For instance, they can improve our immunity, heart health and increase resistance to allergies. In addition, dog owners exercise more and have more active social lives. Dogs always show their gratitude and loyalty which makes people happy.

Of course, having a dog in your home is a responsibility too because dogs need our help in order to stay healthy and happy, so if you are planning to get a dog, you should think twice before making this important decision. After all, once your dog enters your home it will stay there for years.

How long do dogs live?

Many people, especially those who are bringing puppies in their homes, ask themselves – how long do dogs live? Generally speaking, people know that dogs live for a relatively long time, but it is amazing how fast puppies grow, so it is the best idea to learn more about their life span.

According to many experts, your dog will make you happy only if you make him happy too. As the old saying goes “dogs are man’s best friend” which means that you won’t have many problems taking care of your favorite pet.  In addition, it won’t take much time before your dog becomes part of your home and family. But, eventually the dog’s life will end and this is one of the saddest moments in people’s lives. This is the moment when many people ask themselves whether they could’ve done something to extend the life expectancy of their pet. The good news is that the answer to this question is affirmative, but before we share the details, let’s see how long do dog live.

As you are probably aware, there are many different dog breeds out there, so it is difficult to provide a precise answer. Vets know that generally speaking smaller dogs live significantly longer compared to big dogs. For example, a small-sized or medium-sized dog (between 5 and 10 kilos) can live 15 years or more. Bigger dogs that weigh between 15 and 40 kilos usually live up to 13 years while those who are weighing over 45 kilos typically live 10-11 years even though some dog breeds live shorter lives. Don’t forget that these figures are just median life spans which mean that dogs can live shorter or longer lives depending on their health and living conditions.

Sadly, many dogs don’t reach the so-called senior years because it is not unusual for dogs to deal with some genetic diseases because they were born in this way. In addition, there are also many dogs that suffer from environmental conditions. For example, it is not natural for an Alaskan malamute to live in Africa. So, this is another thing that people should take into consideration before buying a dog especially if they are concerned about their life expectancy.

How to take care of a dog?

Dogs don’t need many things to survive, but if you want to help them reach senior years, you will have to take good care of them. First of all, they need access to fresh water all the time. In addition, their diet should consist of natural, healthy food that meets their nutritional needs. The environment where they spend most of the day must be free of pests and clean. We should not forget that dogs are emotional creatures. In other words, people should observe their emotional state and make sure that their dogs feel happy and loved. If they are happy they will want to live longer.

The best dog food

One of the biggest issues related to dog’s life expectancy is the food they consume. Domestic dogs rely on the food their owners provide and this is the reason why dog owners must be careful. The majority of dog owners usually buy commercial food found in markets, but numerous studies have shown that this food can actually bring more harm than good. Namely, most of these foods are packed with artificial colors, chemicals, preservatives, GMO, artificial flavors and many other potentially dangerous ingredients. The same studies have confirmed that many of these artificial ingredients are linked to health problems like diarrhea, bladder cancer, kidney failure, blindness, stomach cancer and other serious diseases. Most of these ingredients can’t be found in human foods because they are poisonous. Dogs eat this food because of the strong flavor and this is the reason why changing their typical diet with commercial food with natural food is sometimes difficult.

How long do dogs live?

The vast majority of veterinarians can confirm that the best idea is to prepare dog food. Luckily, this process is not difficult. There are literally hundreds of dog food recipes found online and in addition, there are many helpful books dedicated to the preparation of dog food.

Physical activity is important too. Walking with your dog outside your home three times a day should become your daily routine. In addition, buy your dog some toys and other items that they can use to exercise. It is not unusual for modern dogs to suffer from obesity and this is certainly something that reduces their lifespan.

In the end, annual vet checkups are a must. Your dog might not like this, but these checkups don’t last long and they can save your pet’s life or at least expand life expectancy. We hope that this article will help you understand how useful and great it is to have a dog pet and how to extend their life span. With a little luck, your dog might beat the record set by Bluey, the Australian Cattle Dog who lived for 29 years.

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