How long do goldfish live?

Although many people believe that their lifespan is very short, the truth is that they can live for years. There are some goldfish varieties where the average lifespan is 10 years while in some varieties life expectancy can be even twenty years or more. Generally speaking, their lifespan is greater when they are in captivity.

  1. Goldfish lifespan
    1. Varieties of goldfish and their lifespan
    2. Care of the goldfish
  2. Curiosities about goldfish

Goldfish lifespan

Varieties of goldfish and their lifespan

We have mentioned that there are different varieties of goldfish and that their variety directly affects their life expectancy. Namely, the common goldfish which is known as a very tough fish that can live in poor conditions can live more than 10 years. Shubunkin goldfish are one of the varieties of goldfish that don’t have golden hue and they can live more than 15 years. Finally, the Black Moor goldfish is probably the variety with highest life expectancy – 25 (or more) years.

Care of the goldfish

It is important to understand that the life expectancy of any goldfish is closely related to the care that these attractive pets get. Those who want to extend the lifespan of their fish must take proper care of them and create an environment where the fish will be satisfied and happy. The good news is that this is not difficult to achieve.

How long do goldfish live?

First of all, overfeeding fish is a mistake that many goldfish owners make. Goldfish can’t tell when they are sated and it is not unusual for them to overfeed themselves when there is abundance of food. As a result of that their bodies get swollen and susceptible to different health issues including serious diseases. In addition, using too much food can “pollute” the water because if goldfish can’t eat this food they will leave it and let it dissolve. So, a good diet and giving adequate amounts of food will extend their lifespan.

In addition, regular change of water and keeping the water clear and fresh is another great way to extend their lifespan. The water in the tank needs a replacement of at least 25% in 30 days. It is also a good idea to install a filter. Finally, decorate the tank, so it can stimulate physical and mental activity in goldfish.

Goldfish live for a relatively long period of time and with these tips you can make them live even longer.

Curiosities about goldfish

When people think about keeping fish as pets, they usually think about goldfish. Goldfish have been kept as pets for many years now. Even though goldfish are basically wild species, they have been bred for decoration purposes since ancient times. They were often found in the ponds situated in Buddhist temples in Ancient China. Starting from the 17th century they were available in Europe.

How long do goldfish live?

One of the main reasons why people choose this pet is the specific golden hue that this fish has. The color makes it look attractive and exotic. What is interesting is that they are not actually golden – the loss or combination of different pigments provides this hue. In addition, besides golden, there are bronze, white and red goldfish. Before people buy goldfish, they usually want to find out how long do goldfish live.

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