How long do sharks live?

Generally speaking, most sharks live between 20 and 30 years, but this range varies greatly depending on the type of shark we are talking about.

  1. Sharks lifespan
    1. How long do sharks live in the wild?
    2. How long do sharks live in captivity?
  2. Where do sharks live?
  3. What do sharks eat?
  4. How much do sharks measure?
    1. Biggest shark
    2. Smallest shark
  5. How much do sharks weigh?
  6. Curiosities about sharks
    1. Types of sharks
    2. Pet sharks
    3. Do sharks have bones?

Sharks lifespan

How long do sharks live in the wild?

20-30 years. This has to be one of the most difficult questions for expert zoologists. First of all, it is very difficult to track these animals. Next, only a small number of them are kept (and can be kept) in captivity, so there is no sufficient information.

In addition, there are dozens of different species. For instance, many experts believe that the great white shark lives for about 100 years while the blue shark lives for about 15 years.

The only thing that we can do to help sharks that live in the wilderness extend their lifespan is to stop polluting the water and stop killing them for their fins.

How long do sharks live in captivity?

The lifespan of sharks that live in captivity is shorter.

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Where do sharks live?

It is good to know that depending on their type, some sharks live at the bottom of the ocean while other live at the middle or on the upper surface. Another interesting fact about sharks is that they usually live in salt water in oceans, but there are some of them that can live in fresh and salt water.

What do sharks eat?

What most people want to know about sharks is what’s on their menu. Well, the majority of sharks are meat eaters, even though this doesn’t mean that they are man eaters. They usually avoid humans. There are also sharks that are non meat eaters. They usually eat clams and mollusks.

How long do sharks live?

How much do sharks measure?

Biggest shark

The biggest shark is the Whale Shark (can be up to 46 feet long).

Smallest shark

The smallest shark is the Spined Pygmy Shark (7-8 inches long).

How much do sharks weigh?

The largest weight of a Whale Shark registered is 47,000 pounds. Blacktip Reef shark weight around 30 pounds.

Curiosities about sharks

Although people have access to the Internet and they can easily get the information they need, most of them believe that sharks are just brutal huge predators with scary teeth which have only one purpose – to terrorize the living beings in the ocean.

However, sharks are much more than that. They are amazing creatures that have lived on our planet for millions of years. According to some researchers, some of the species may have lived together with dinosaurs.

Types of sharks

Today, there are about 400 different species of sharks, starting from the small dwarf lantern sharks and ending with the big white sharks.

Pet sharks

In the last two decades, there are many people that have decided to adopt a shark pet. Some people might think that keeping a shark in their home is impossible, but there are a few species of relatively small sharks (three-four feet long) that can be kept at home. The most popular species kept in a home aquarium are bamboo cat sharks, epaulette shark, blue torpedo sharks, rainbow sharks and bala sharks.

Sharks lifespan

Each of these sharks has its own characteristics and distinctive beauty. Of course, they also have special diets, so you must take care about this too. Even if you are not planning to keep a shark as a pet, it is quite natural for those who show interest in these amazing creatures to ask themselves - How long do sharks live?

Those who are keeping sharks as pets should know that the size of the tank, the regular filtering of the water and cleaning of the tank, the adequate diet and the opportunity for the shark to get involved in physical activities will extend their lifespan.

Do sharks have bones?

Even though they look tough, sharks don’t have bones; their main structure is made of cartilage.

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