How long do sea ​​turtles live?

It turns out that our planet is packed with turtles. However, not all of these turtles are the same. There are over 300 different species that live in different places and some of them are quite rare and even endangered. One of the most famous and most popular types of turtles is sea turtles.

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Sea turtles lifespan

It is good to know that scientists have determined that sea turtles emerged on our planet about two hundred million years ago. This means that they are one of the oldest animal species. But, this is not the only interesting fact about sea turtles.

Namely, these interesting marine animals have an incredibly long lifespan. The oldest sea turtle on record managed to reach 152 years before it died. They are the animals with the longest lifespan which is why so many people cultures that are in touch with sea turtles consider them to be some kind of symbol of long life and longevity.

Sea turtles can be the longest living creatures on our planet. There are different types of sea turtles so it’s difficult to say how long they live, but generally speaking, they live for at least 50 years and some of them can reach 150 years. The reason why their lifespan is difficult to determine is that their survival rate when they are young is very low.

Sea turtles facts

Sea turtles are usually found in tropical oceans and only their females go to the shore to nest. They come in different sizes from two and a half feet to seven feet. When it comes to their shells, they have oval or heart-shaped shells. According to some experts, there are 8 different types of sea turtles and a few of them are found in China.

This type of turtles frequently has activities in the higher part of the ordinary migratory routes in the coastal waters. Sea turtles reach maturity when they are between 20 and 30 years old. Once the breeding period comes, these turtles come back to the place where they originate from. These creatures have a special navigation "system" that helps them come back home regardless of their current location.

Some specialists say that they can nest around 200 eggs and the minimum is around 90. However, only a small number of these eggs survive the incubation phase. Once the small sea turtles leave their eggs, they must overcome the obstacles in the sands and reach the ocean. This is the route that many of them don’t survive because of the predators that lurk around. However, when they reach the sea, they will probably manage to grow into healthy adults and continue the cycle.

How long do sea ​​turtles live?

Sea turtles spend most of their lives in the sea and even though they cannot breathe with their lungs, they have special systems that help them get oxygen from the water. This is the only type of turtles that is completely adjusted to the sea environment. Sea turtles' diet consists of fish eggs, fish, crustaceans, shrimps, algae and mollusks. The better diet they have, the longer they will live.

  1. Kelly says:

    How do you know how old a sea turtles are

    1. How Long Do Animals Live says:

      Scientists have studied these animals for years and they can make estimates about their age. Regards!

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