How long do salamanders live?

When we talk about amphibians it’s almost impossible not to talk about salamanders. These kinda small, cute and slippery animals are probably one of the most popular types of amphibians amongst humans, and today, we’re going to talk about them.

Salamanders are known for two things: one, their lizard-like appearance, with tiny bodies and short limbs, and, of course, their longevity, which happens to be quite impressive for these types of animals.

  1. Salamanders lifespan
    1. How long do salamanders live in the wild?
    2. How long do salamanders live in captivity?
    3. Life expectancy of salamanders according to the species

Salamanders lifespan

Like we just said, salamanders are amphibians, and although these type of animals aren’t known for having very long lifespans, salamanders kinda break the mold.

You see, these tiny but very cute animals have a life expectancy of around 20 years, being able to even surpass their average lifespan if they’re lucky enough.

This makes them one of the amphibians with the longest lifespan in the wild, with them being able to live anywhere from 18 to 20 years, and sometimes (although this is not the rule) even more.

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How long do salamanders live in the wild?

Like we just said, salamanders have a very long life expectancy, being able to live up to 20 years. However, this particular condition can change if they’re living in the wild.

Salamanders usually live in humid environments, since they need to be around wet surroundings in order to survive. This means they can usually be found near ponds, lakes and even drains inside regular city parks.

How long do salamanders live?

Due to where they live, salamanders are constantly being exposed to bigger predators, which can reduce their lifespan from 20 years, to just a couple of years, 5 tops.

Amongst the salamander’s natural predators, we can find: reptiles, birds and even other bigger amphibians as well, and even fishes, which can be a problem considering they live near water areas.

How long do salamanders live in captivity?

Believe it or not, salamanders can live a very long life in captivity, being able to easily reach the 20 years mark, and even surpass it in some cases, although this depends on the type of salamander, of course.

Now, the reason why salamanders get to live longer in captivity than they would usually do in the wild is due to various reasons:

  1. They live in perfectly-made habitats that are built specially for them.
  2. They are kept away from their natural predators.

Life expectancy of salamanders according to the species

The thing with the salamanders is that, although there are multiple different species, they all have a very similar age range, so their lifespan is pretty much the same.

You see, salamanders can live up to 20 years, however, if they are being taken care properly, there have been cases of these amphibians making up to 50 years! Having a very healthy, long life.

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