How long do brown bears live?

The official statistics have shown that brown bears live between 20 and 30 years. Although their life expectancy is long, a huge number of brown bears die before they reach 10 years.


    Brown bears lifespan

    How long do brown bears live in the wild?

    20-30 years. Their diet affects their strength and many of the young bears that are not fed right are not strong enough to fight other predators in the wild.

    How long do brown bears live in captivity?

    Both female and male brown bears live longer in captivity. Female bears can live up to 40 years in captivity while male brown bears can live over 45 years. The mortality rate in captivity is very low too.

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    Where do brown bears live?

    Brown bears can be found in the mountains and forests of Europe, North America, and Asia. This is the most common type of bear in the world. The planet’s biggest brown bears are living in Alaska and British Columbia.

    What do brown bears eat?

    The brown bears are omnivorous animals. They eat roots, bugs, fruits (especially berries), reptiles, salmon, and mammals. They also eat honey.

    They need to store fat that will keep them warm and optimized during the winter period. Before winter comes, brown bears eat between 70 and 90 pounds of food per day. These amounts are two times higher compared to the amounts of food they consume in spring.

    How much do brown bears measure?

    Brown bears are extremely large: around 5 feet long.

    How much do brown bears weigh?

    Around 700 lbs.

    Brown bears reproduction and life cycle

    Female bears can den when they are pregnant and they usually give birth to 1 or 2 cubs during winter rest. A female brown bear can give birth to cubs every 3 years because these cubs must stay with their mother for about 2 and a half years until they get independent. This is one reason that affects their numbers and their life expectancy.

    How long do brown bears live?

    Young bears are very vulnerable and this is one of the main reasons why the average age of brown bears is relatively low. The only positive thing is that these cubs grow quite fast and they usually have about 55 lbs when they are 6 months old. They keep growing until they reach 10 or 11 years.

    Curiosities about brown bears

    Brown bears hibernation

    Brown bears are known for their preparation for winter hibernation. These beautiful animals dig relatively big dens for their winter hibernation. Most frequently, these dens are found in hillsides.

    Brown bears solitude

    The brown bears are animals that usually live in solitude. The only exception is female bears and cubs, but they too are getting separated after a while. However, it is interesting that there are situations and cases where brown bears are gathering in larger groups.

    For example, it’s very common to see groups of brown bears in some fishing spots in Alaska during the period of salmon’s migration. When this event takes place, people can see dozens of brown bears trying to catch salmon.

    Brown bears speed

    Even though these omnivorous mammals are extremely large, they are very fast for their size. They can easily reach a speed of about 30 miles per hour.

    Brown bears and humans

    Brown bears usually avoid humans, but when they feel agitated or threatened (for instance, mothers with cubs) they can attack humans and even kill them.

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